CineWhoopPH v0

Last weekend was really productive. I was looking on lot of my copters laying around that wasn’t fly for so long time. Most of them are racing ones and now I’m flying only with cameras so theirs use case not fit for me now.. There the idea grow up. Take electronic from the smallest one … [Read more…]

Helios freestyle miniquad frame

For a long time I have been only race pilot. Few months ago I started be sure that I need freestyle miniquad also. So I bought GoPro and started thinking what frame would be best for me. After first overview I realized that most frames are made for the pilots who designed them. It fulfill theirs ideas how … [Read more…]

Custom RC transmitter part 1

Since I started flying with miniquads I started looking for a small simple radio controller. Something with real gimbals but with size of a gamepad. I don’t need any complicated mixes inside menus either a lot of switches. In reality 6 channels is enough. Only advance stuff that I require is crsf protocol with telemetry … [Read more…]

Second modifications of Ender 2

I spend 10ths of hours of printing with mods described in last topic. Also during that time I tested few more modes. Some of them are perfectly working some are┬ápice of crap. So let’s start with first new mod. As I mentioned last time I removed spool holder from the top of the printer and … [Read more…]

First modifications of Ender2

After few years without 3D printer I’m back in this field of interest. I worked as 3D printer designer before years but after I left that company I didn’t worked with 3D printer anymore until now. Actually I’m designing and prototyping fpv race copters so I decided to buy my own printer mainly for that … [Read more…]