Second modifications of Ender 2

I spend 10ths of hours of printing with mods described in last topic. Also during that time I tested few more modes. Some of them are perfectly working some are pice of crap.

So let’s start with first new mod. As I mentioned last time I removed spool holder from the top of the printer and I looked for new one that would sit on my desk next to the printer. I found one that is really simple and working well. It is only from two small printed parts without any bearings. I printed it only for test because I didn’t believe that it will work but how was my surprise. It’s definitely best spool holder that I’ve ever seen. So this is definitely my recommendation.
Material: PLA

Another part that you could seen in photos from previous topic is end switch holder. It’s quite simple thing where you can think that isn’t possible to do it wrong. But it is and exactly the one I printed is working so bad. The problem with the part is resonations. The part resonate itself and also the end switch produce terrible noise during printing. Maybe if I would print it from different material it will work good but I’m looking for another alternative.
Material: PLA

My last two prints were big parts of a case for my radio transmitter that I’m developing. I struggle there with axis precision. Mainly X and Y axis aren’t perfectly in 90 degree angle and it cause few milimeters differences at edges of the case. This is big pain of ender 2 where is really difficult or almost impossible to set up this correctly. I didn’t found a way how to do it already. This construction part is horrible engineer work.

After a while I figured out that the extruder is bottleneck of the speed. The mechanic is able to handle more than 100mm/s but the extruder limits the speed much. It is visible mainly with a flex material where a speed limit is around 20mm/s at max. Model tends to be underextruded above that speed. I have a few ideas how to solve it and now I’m waiting for parts.

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