Helios freestyle miniquad frame

For a long time I have been only race pilot. Few months ago I started be sure that I need freestyle miniquad also. So I bought GoPro and started thinking what frame would be best for me. After first overview I realized that most frames are made for the pilots who designed them. It fulfill theirs ideas how ideal frame should look like so I decided to create my one also.

My preferences are small and light 5inch frame with possibility to setup GoPro and fpv cam from 0 to high Angle. I didn’t saw many frames with easy GoPro angle setting so there was my main concern. Next important initial requirement was that props can’t be in GoPro view for angles up to 15 degrees. And of course battery has to be on the top with two straps.

With these requirements I start sketching the frame and work went well. Inside frame is plenty of space for stack, fpv transmitter and another stuff. Space for camera Is designed for mini or micro ones. Props fits up to 5.1 inches size and GoPro holder works exactly as I planned. Props aren’t in the view upper 15 degrees and it is possible to set the angle from 0 to 60 degrees easily at a field.

Now I’m testing prototype of the frame and I’m trying to found all weak points that should be changed before production. Yes the frame will be sold by http://4copters.cz/product/ram-4copters-helios/ I’m cooperating with. You can expect it there quite soon and I hope you will enjoy the frame as I’m.

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