Custom RC transmitter part 2

At start of last year I worked on my own rc transmitter. I designed it mainly for FPV copters and that is how I used it past year. During that time I did few FW updates and created design of new case version.

I can say the TX is reliable. I didn’t have any problem with the transmitter since I start using it and I’m very confident that it will work perfectly whenever I need to use it.

Ergonomy is great for my hands but it doesn’t mean that it will be for everyone. I borrowed it to some of my friends for test and some of them like the shapes and other ones didn’t. It mostly depend on your preferred form factor. In my point of view I would like even smaller case but actual one is the smallest possible one where I can insert all my electronic stuff.

Firmware provides as simple and straight forward graphical menu as possible. I’m satisfied with how it is working and how it looks. Graphical menu was biggest time invest to the whole project and from retrospective I’m happy with result.

Printed case is still original one from spring although I have the new version in my computer ready to print but I preferred rather to using the transmitter during summer than rebuilding it at that time.

Right now the further development is postponed because I have priority on another projects. But there is still chance I will take it back and I will put inside all features I planned at start.