CineWhoopPH v0

Last weekend was really productive. I was looking on lot of my copters laying around that wasn’t fly for so long time. Most of them are racing ones and now I’m flying only with cameras so theirs use case not fit for me now.. There the idea grow up. Take electronic from the smallest one and build my own cine whoop.

I’m interested in cine whoops for a longer time but I don’t had a time and invention to built a one. It changed in last days because I had quite free weekend and I wanted to draw something so cine whoop was a good idea.

As I wrote electronic comes from my old 2.5 inch racing drone so for this reason is there 2020 stack and micro camera at first version.

Design went well and fast. After few hours first prototype goes to printer and result seems promising. I put inside the electronic that was surprisingly easy. Frame is really small but space between rotors is quite big and electronic there fits without any problems. Only what need some progress is attachment of rx and vtx that are connected by tape that is not looking good.

When everything was inside I had to do first jump in my room to clarify that it is able to handle weight of full GoPro session. And yes it is. As I wrote the electronic comes from racing drone and went through a lot of crashes. Esc was partly damaged from that time and it burned after short time. So after that I have to buy a new one. As you can expect I didn’t buy only the esc 😀 I bought a one with 1616 dimensions so also FC had to be changed. It leads me to buy complete new stack that is 1616 and moreover I bought new nano camera.

So next version of frame will be with these new components that allow me to do a smaller frame that should be more stiff and lighter.

For you who want to print it out now and not wait for final fully tested version I upload actual pre-release stl here: If you have only 1616 stack it is no problem and any conversion will work. The same for camera.

If you like the project and if you want to support it you can do it here:

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